The Alternative Heathcare

The Annexe , 70 Oathall Road, RH16 3EN Haywards Heath
4 reviews
The Annexe , 70 Oathall Road, RH16 3EN Haywards Heath
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4 reviews
Monica is an amazing therapist and I am looking forward to returning again very soon 😀
Sarah leet
3 months ago
Cloud 9 Indian head, neck and shoulder massage. One of the best I've had!
4 months ago
Following a year of ill health, which was scarily severe and involved many tests including checking for a stroke.......I felt lost and uncertain with no way forward......Thank goodness for the Alternative Healthcare Centre!!!! The process began with meeting Dr Matthew. I was utterly reassured as in the initial consultation he saw the differences in the size of my pupils and recommended my return after the brain MRI... This gave me total confidence in his attention to detail and wish to treat me in a holistic and thorough way. With gentleness and compassion the Ayurvedic system was explained. I was treated with herbs and diet and prescribed a treatment course of Shirodhara and Yoga. My life changed..... Lucia performed the Shirodhara and I can only described it as a deeply healing, penetrating, meditative experience. It has continued to be an immensely unfolding, transformative process. Alongside this came my personal introduction to Yoga via Shine . The Alternative Healthcare centres' teacher of Hatha Yoga. Again what was incredible was his personal attention to my situation. He taught me personally and provided a video so that I could practice slowly and daily. With growing strength and confidence I joined the class and again everything made sense and fell into place. My sense of well being and calm was astonishing....... I cannot possibly write how very grateful I am for all of the care and attention that the centre has shown. Melissa is a shining example of someone who has set up a healthcare centre with a heart and mission to really help people be well, happy and healthy in their lives..... From the moment you walk in and are greeted by Kate you know you are in safe hands....Alternative....Yes!!! Complimentary....Yes!!!........Unique....Yes!!! Just what we all so desperately need. In a world where quick solutions that do not get to the heart of the person , or see the whole picture seem to be taking over......The Alternative Healthcare Centre shines like a beacon in how healthcare can be. The feeling following receiving their care is unbeatable. THANKYOU.....
Claire Waller
5 months ago
I love this place! My nails always look so perfect. Absolutely faultless.
5 months ago


The Alternative Heathcare
The Annexe
70 Oathall Road
RH16 3EN Haywards Heath

The Alternative Healthcare is a massage and therapy centre situated in Haywards Health, offering a range of holistic services using only vegan-friendly products.

Melissa's passion for the natural therapies combined with her experience works to ensure your treatments are specially tailored to your personal needs. this lovely health care centre aims to provide and help you improve your quality of life.With a friendly and vastly team, you can be sure you will receive a relaxed and stress-free treatment.

Being conveniently located near a train station and also with parking nearby this venue also offers the possibility to enjoy a lovely coffee in their flower garden nearby which allows you to relax and unwind after your treatment.

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